Kitchen Witch School

Kitchen Witch on line School of Natural Witchery:

On joining our school you will be 'adopted' by one of our lovely Elders, they will be your personal tutor and guide and will be there to answer any queries and support you throughout your WHOLE journey with us. 

Our lessons are based on the various backgrounds we all have - witchcraft, wicca, druidry, natural witchery, hoodoo, hedgewitchery and kitchenwitchery.

There are 21 lessons with the first section the ‘Forest of Oak’ including an introduction, each one has text with the subject matter followed by a series of questions and sometimes practical exercises too.   Our lessons have been written to challenge you and send you off to research and experience outside of the information we provide, we believe this helps you to learn.

The Forest of Oak is split into groups of 3 or 4 lessons, each with the name of a tree Birch, Rowan, Ash, Alder, Willow and Hawthorn.  

The second section of our school is the Forest of Ash again with 21 lessons (on different subjects to the first section), split into Tree groups – Oak, Holly, Hazel, Vine, Ivy, Reed and Elder, it is entirely up to you whether you wish to continue on to study this section once you have finished the first one.  And then if you wish to go even further we have the third section the Forest of Hawthorn, again it is entirely up to you whether you continue on to this as well.

There is no time limit on working through the lessons, but we ask that you take the time to work through the lessons properly and to digest the material, on average the first section should take about a year to complete, it might take you a bit less time, it might take you longer – there is no rule!  We do suggest that a minimum time frame for each lesson would be two weeks.

Our lessons are all original.

You will also find a huge amount of information within the Kitchen Witch forum.

Also included within the forum, but only available to Kitchen Witch School students, are extra classes should you wish to participate, our Branch Lessons, such as tarot, psychic development, yoga, animal magic and runes along with our online Grimoire of information.

In the Forest of Oak there are 21 lessons (including the introduction) split into six sections:

1. Introduction & What is a Witch? 2. Working with energy & our minds 3. Meditation & Visualisation 4. The Wheel of the Year

5. Esbats 6. Shielding 7. Deity

8. The Elements 9. Spell Writing 10. Ritual 11. Magical Tools

12. Record Keeping 13. Candle Magic 14. Affirmations

15. Animal Magic 16. The Fae 17. Divination18. Healing

19. Crystals 20. Herbs, flora & fauna 21. Elementals

There is no initial registration fee, payments are made monthly via paypal.  £10 per month (approx $15.96) which can be cancelled at any time you wish to no longer be a member.  Your fee covers your personal tutor, lessons, Branch classes, on line rituals, on line study classes, on line journals and access to all the forum information.